Andrew Christian
September 29, 2012

Summer of Xander 2012

Oh honay.... if only we could be this happy all the time!



  1. I have seen this group get TRASHY on drugs out in the clubs. Not the look. Its fun to do drugs and possible to not get trashy!

  2. ya know when u cut down a tree and u see rings in teh barK/ thats how his asshole looks. smells woody with a hint of HBV anal warts. dont fuck him even with a condom he is highly congatious

  3. He's got to be the ugliest guy in west hollywood. He needs to stay over in silverlake with the rest of the bears. I know so many people who hate him. Thank god he doesn't work with us at the abbey anymore.

  4. how about downloading the movie before you post it lazy fucks

  5. anyone noticing how the comments on these stupid posts are starting to fade????
    anyone notice how all other posts that dont involve people livingin weho get NO comments!
    I have a feeling wehoconfidential days are numbered. Actually I know for a fact. :)

  6. the posts suck anymore and they are too fucking lazy to even download this video

  7. There is no way to download a facebook video, stupid fuck.

  8. it's on 4shared... stupid fuck

  9. You dumb bastard, did you eat a brain tumor for breakfast? The video was ripped from FB then uploaded to 4share... so it could be posted here. Get your head out of your ass and bitch about something else.


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