Spotted in NYC: Director Bryan Singer & Other WeHo Jokes

Did anyone else notice how fresh the air in LA was this weekend?

Four of our least favorite WeHo personalities were spotted at Greenhouse last night in NYC. Simon was looking delicious as always & the others have all gained weight. Bryan Singer looks especially bloated these days but it may just be his addiction to fillers & botox that are making him look so puffy.



  1. you could park Bryan's Bentley and Lamborghini on simon's forehead.

  2. what's the deal with xander's eyes? constipation?

  3. Seriously what is the deal with all of Xander Tarigo's zoolander death stares. Embarrassing and hilarious at the same time.

  4. Seriously Xander you can change your haircut everyday, you're still fugly and the laughing stalk of WEHO. You may get invited to parties...but simply as a conversation piece so we can all make fun of your goofy outfits and sociopathic behavior (at least that's why I invite you LOL!). Get a life you fucking tool belt!

    And Simon I've got a reality show idea for you, shop it around...stop taking all your steroids and then we film you over 60-days to see what you turn into LOL! Stop spending all your money on roids and get some fucking propecia fool. Someone is gonna have to support you at some're gonna want your hair.

  5. Xander Tarigo is a drug dealing piece of trash. /end discussion

  6. Bryan is far and away the hottest one of the group, seriously.

    Simon Sherry-Wood is a nasty old whore whose latest "claim to fame" is being Elton John's husband's hooker.


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