Roseanne Barr's Only Presidential Campaign Stop:

Sparkles Stone, Ms. Luna, Roseanne Barr, Holly Day & Kristie Champagne

Jackie Beat Auctions off Roseanne Barr's Clothes (unsuccessfully)

We had so much fun... witnessing Roseanne's presidential speech aka  her famous "pig squeal"! Roseanne posed for photo$ & left the Abbey just after her posing with.. WeHo's
"Legendary Drag Posse"!!


ps- If we're not to busy we'll post the video.


  1. so by "photo$" your implying she charged them?

  2. Yup. She did charge. awesome roseanne, go lip sync the national anthem at a san Diego padres game. o wait it's not 1989.

  3. those ladies for men in the top picture besides rosanne and the one in gold are horrible looking. if you do drag and go out, shouldn't you look like a woman? i hope these men don't perform any where

  4. Dear Anonymous,

    Actually we all perform all over LA, Orange County, Palm Springs and surrounding areas. We have a large rotation and following, fans and friends. I'm sure if you came to one of our shows you would have a fantastic time. Thank you for taking time out of your day to notice us and make a comment, thats most flattering. Please feel free to add me on facebook to grab our schedule and meet us for a drink.

    Love Always Sparkle Stone and the girls of BeDazzled, Dinner Drag Revue


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