Matthew Lush Puts Taylor Lautner In Mouth For Attention

Mathew Lush is a total mess. It's not cute. This is desperate and creepy. Someone please tell him to stop dying his hair and get a real Job. We all know promoting didn't quite work out! LOL

Lamb Chop


  1. If he really is the age people say he allegedly REALLY is, but acts like he's stuck at six-twink... it's not just sad. It's a possible poster child for the anti-WeHo-scene crowd.

  2. He treated his ex connor Jon so badly he is crazy I believe

  3. oh deer he has aged horribley..his hair has gotten so thin!

  4. Let talk about that constant 5 o'clock shadow and beard he tries to hide from dumb twinks online lol he is so fucking obvious

  5. what lies! He says hes 25 in this video lol


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