Andrew Christian
September 2, 2012

Manny Patel Loves WeHo Confidential

Gossup Gurl


  1. He is always talking about how he hates this site and it's awful but clearly he is a hypocrite!

  2. so now Weho confidential will only post nice stuff about him?

  3. This is hilarious considering Wayne Castro and manny are always talking shit about this site and yet they are the ones living for the drama. They're just mad they didn't come up with it and have the power to persuade the 18 yr old boys they drag through SMB. Lol oh manny you truly are West Hollywood's mascot.

  4. I can see Wayne's turky neck dangling in the background lol wow this is priceless how in the world did they get this video AHAHAHA

  5. this popped up on my Facebook wall and I had to watch it, I didn't think I'd ever see the day those words would cum out his yellow brick teeth!

  6. ugly fat drunk lol

  7. Pretty sure he uses an iPod nano to do a set and he buys pre made mixes lol maybe he can start Djing parties for weho confidential

  8. I'm glad everyone got a chane to see Manny's fake bitch ass personality on video

  9. jon benet fucked my dog minus the condimSeptember 3, 2012 at 12:30 PM

    Omg that SandNigger scared me to death!!!

  10. Why do these guys still hang out in weho when everyone clearly hates them? It would be one thing if they were cute but they are repulsive!

  11. famewhore.

    claims to hate this website but obsessively checks it every 4 seconds in case someone wrote something about him so he can think that he's popular or relevant.

    uses people because he has no other chance of getting anything out of his sad pathetic life.

    kicked out of tigerheat events at eleven for being drunk when he was supposed to be working. loser.

    banned from DJing at the abbey for taking cocaine while at work (caught on camera)

    plays ipod playlists to three people in a small room every week at avalon - wonder how long that will last.

  12. He got kicked out of here lounge last night for stealing a bottle of kettle off the bar. The best part was the bottle was filled with water! What a loser!

  13. The abbey? Cocaine? Caught in tape? Hmm prolly similar to this video but with a bump

  14. the 18-24 WeHo populationSeptember 3, 2012 at 9:36 PM

    he's ALWAYS trying to suck my cock by promising me rolls in his best friend roland emmerick's next movie

  15. He sleeps on a couch and does NOT even own a the Rich queens in WeHo do!

    Let me name some of them:

    Scott Under Jaguar
    Rick Langley Bentley
    David Cooley Bentley
    Jerry and Jason Bently
    Bobby Trendy Aston Martin
    Bryan Singer Mercedez Gullwing
    Even Old Ass Rich from Eleven drives an Escalade!!

  16. Manny reminds me of those paupers you see right when you come into town in India or even Tijuanna- they all have something to sell wather its chicklets, or mangoes or even handblown vases!!!

  17. Manny made it a long way to come here from India. His father is a Mason and his mother is a seamstress/cobbler so he did't come from a finanacially healthy back ground but he did make it here to american soil and left all those credit and finanacial fraud issues back in England which is good.


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