Lohan Hits & Runs into the Club:

Well... if you haven't heard Little Ms. Lohan was rolling deep in her  Porsche SUV when she pulled up in front of No. 8 nightclub last night & hit a small mexican man. Her friends jumped out of the car to make sure there was no damage before going down to party at Electric Room. Lohan was later arrested for fleeing the scene. The only difference between our story & all the others... WE WERE THERE to witness it all. The man she hit was treated for leg injuries.

Lindsay lost all respect for other humans & we're sure she'll be in jail or dead soon anyways!

When does she turn 27? Not soon enough!



  1. I cant wait for this freckled ugly gash slut finally go to jail permanently. They should haul her mother in with her too. What trash!


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