Local WeHo Gay Bar Purchased by Drew Barrymore

Rumore has it... that Drew Barrymore has purchased Revolver!

That's right! According to our sources the gay loving A-Lister officially owns Revolver.

We called the original owner several times to verify the purchase however he's not responding to our calls. Which leads us to believe this rumor is 100% TRUE!

Sources have also squealed that Drew is now looking into "taking over the bar across the street as well".

Good news for everyone we suppose! Drew gets closer to the gays who adore her & Eleven could finally be put to sleep once & for all! #winning


Our Analysis-
Drew likely invested as a silent partner with the current owners & we're going to assume that the new partnership is considering taking over Eleven since it is for sale.

Gossup Gurl & Soju



  1. What happined to Varsity? Or was that just Andrew Gruver playing pretend again and again and um again!
    Im glad I am Rich and can luagh in alll thier faces!

  2. ^^^ you should be glad when you learn how to spell

  3. hopefully that loser Afredo is gone after he lost K2, and Kokomo Farmers market AND Kokomo Beverly...Guess the tax man finally caught that liar /stealer for the 500k he owned them...remember, she inherits ALL the liabiliities and future lawsuits of Revolver.wonder if they are doing any business there...its always half full to empty when I go by..just what weho needed, anoth dick dancing bar and a coke head running it!! hahaha..

  4. do you fags really think Drew wants to be associated with a dick dancing bar??? hahahaha...i saw her there with cameron diaz when the place was respectable and not a crack palace, with dick all over the place...

  5. Her best friend/VP of her company Chris Miller co-owns it with Alfredo. I'm sure Drew is an investor ...that's all.

  6. Chris Miller obviously is lost in his relationship as he's all over Grindr and needed to diversify his "successful" career in the film biz into a cracked out dick bar b/c he couldn't get laid on Grindr. I hope he talked Drew into buying or investing...cause he'll be out on the street in a heartbeat once she realized what travesty that place is. You'll need a z pac if you enter that place FYI.

  7. that place is going under...losing money every month with that crackhead Alfredo running it and the staff hate working there and give free drinks all the time!!! hahahahah


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