Local MoMo Kyle Schuneman to Release New Decor Book (Not A Tell All)

Apparently Kyle wrote a book about apartmints!

We'd rather read about his break-up with X-Men producer Tom Desanto...
 the over grown, twink chasing ... 50-year-old Frat boy! 

We already know how to decorate an apartment twinky...

GG & Ms. Cox


  1. Hopefully HE knows how to spell apartment. Is an apartmint a breath freshener?

  2. it's a joke you fucktard... first day on this blog?

  3. To be able to joke around with grammar one must have a comprehension of it; sorry but the Weho Conf. queens don't.

  4. Wrigleyville WEHO fanSeptember 24, 2012 at 10:31 PM

    Before he left Chicago for LA. He was a regular at Steamworks in Boystown and took it minus the condim


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