Local MoMo Kyan Loredo Releases New Track

"I Wanna be Your Baby"

On a scale of 1 to 10 how much do you love it? 
10 being the best!



  1. Who cares another fake singer- whats real was the nite he has his smeely asshol up in the air at the midtown spa on Latin nite! I swear the smell of that mancunt SINGEG the hair in my nostrils!

  2. No kidding this queen's hole smells like honeyy boo bo child's toilet water that hadd't been flushed after her Thanksgiving meal dump for 7 days! PU!
    And his armipits singed my freeeking eybrows off-dang smells like liver and onions that have been left under a carseet in the hot Hezzzbollah sun for 8 hours! Dang beaner!

  3. oh shut up. he's so sweet and adorable

  4. 10... His best yet.

  5. Terrible. It gets a negative 1

  6. Absolutely excruciating.
    Why is it these queens think they can actually sing, because they get high after a night with the meth pipe and just because a few losers say they can sing they believe it?
    Someone needs a reality check, stat.

  7. Thank you to WeHoConfidential for posting these songs! Kyan and I put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into producing 'Essence of the Past' and 'Never Fail'.. We appreciate the support.

    In regards to the Anonymous comments... Kyan went to the bathhouse on a Latin night and didn't invite me??? That son of aaa....!!!


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