If WeHo is Junior High...

What would scribble on the bathroom wall?



  1. I'd say 'fuck off Gary and Edmund Entin'!!!!

  2. for a good time call 323-823-9122

  3. I gave most of you anal warts.

  4. lordddddy id love to read it, please make it a book betch

  5. And I just bought a house in Virginia!

  6. but before i bid all you tragic homos adieu, i will say this: YES....i AM indeed PATIENT ZERO...just ask chuukey and bobby boud. i brought the whole epidemic to all you tragic lowlifes now excuse me i am moving to NY for good where no one will ever suspect me! i mean with my hot hot hawt body and my pug/raccoon face. who would ever suspect that i am actually dying slowly of AIDS but i am still so angry w u unsuspecting faggots that i will continue to infect as many of u as possible before i expire. worthless faggots. u never Were worthy of my time OR my INSANELY hot body so now this is the price u will pay! karam sux ballz doesnt it

  7. i brought HPV to ur little shallow unsuspecting community...how u like THAT?? no one saw it coming now yall gon suffer...because of my irressisitible hot body, none of u could stay safe for long now i have infected ALL of u with HPV ..not my fault, u bitches couldnt say no! u can NOT pin this one on me..every one of u wanted my hot body and those who know me really well know that the best way to get my pug face off is to suck my nipples til i cum..nothing has changed im stil the same POZitively hawt Preston u have always known just get yo_selves tested, all i gots to say!

  8. huuh? Who the fuck are you? and when did this post become about some random queen? lol weiirdoo^

  9. WeHo is junior high.

    P.S. All of you clowns are basic.

  10. If WeHO is junior high, Weho Confidential is Remedial English; failing!

  11. "We should all be in jail."


    Bryan Singer
    Wayne Castro
    Richard Grossi
    Manny Patel
    Ryan Padilla

  12. Does Preston really have Aids? Hpv? Std's?

    I hooked up with him at the end of last year. We didn't have intercourse or anything but I did rimb him. Few weeks later I had my first apparent Std. Doctor said it looked like I was exposed to Hpv. He gave me some cream, I used it and then it disappeared.


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