Guess Who Who ? ? ?

We'll give you a hint... One dollar bills!



  1. Was this a Cameron Frost photo shoot? I'm glad steven bulked up, he looked like a bobble head when he was a twink. look at the size of that cranium.... holly fuck!

  2. i think he looked SO much better way back when...he looks wayy too juiced up and in whats now becoming more the rule than the exception, it's disarming when u see a guy that bulky, then he opens his mouth to speak and....yikes. if he's a leaner/twink type, it's not as horrifying

  3. Before the steroids and mammoth-sized ego took over! Steven looked wholesome and cute back in the day.

  4. I think if he could find a goldilocks middle ground between 'roid queen and twink, he'd be juuuuuuuust right.

  5. god wouldnt it be hot if steven was a real boy. awe yeah! hey gurl! werk it! britney! rhea!

  6. you are disgusting ^


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