Andrew Christian
September 27, 2012

Griffin Marc Hates Your Ear Drums:

When will the madness END!?

Leave Whitney ALONE!



  1. wtf,,, is he kidding

  2. U can't see the video .. So are you kidding? Leave Griff alone. He's FEIRCE

  3. Seriously, in all honesty dude. BECAUSE I KNOW YOU HILL READ THIS. I know it is tough to hear, but some people have a passion for singing in them, which you clearly do, HOWEVER you really aren't vocally presentable enough to be posting videos like this,and talking to your "fans".Sing your heart out, but for your own dignity, don't post videos of it. You aren't dreadful. You just aren't THAT good.

  4. Whitney will come back from the dead to tell you that you sound like the fucking Titanic going down in the Pacific! You're so horrible stop making those annoying ass videos! Simon Says your like a broken Violin playing the psycho theme!

  5. Down Town Melissa BrownSeptember 28, 2012 at 2:13 AM

    Girl I just smoked a fatty rock of crack with Phyllis Navidad and Ke$ha remix to the ignition and even I KNOW that the mothafuckin titanic sank in the mothafuckin atlantic ocean!

    I heard it on Downtown Abbey!

  6. 11:25 is exactly right.... you might love to sing.. and you aren't HORRIBLE... a little flat..... get a vocal coach before you post videos having a "whitney moment" :) constructive criticism.

  7. This is actually really sad. No different than the horrible singers who audition on crappy reality TV shows and think they are God's gift to the world. It's like, what are they thinking??

    He made a whole rant about wehoconfidential on his facebook. my favorite part was the ending though:

    "GET IT TOGETHER !!!!!! i cant."

    Get it together? I can't?
    You got that right!

  8. the problem is he can't stay on the melody, or find it after he strays from it.

  9. my ears are now as blown out as his asshole

  10. Dude, don't get so offended to write bad about a gossip site. we all know why this site is here and if you truly stood by your statement, you would have left the video up. THERE ARE ALWAYS CRITICS. Usually, unfortunately, they are right.


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