Gay Robbed Behind American Apparel in West Hollywood

Another armed robbery occurred a few nights ago in Weho, as reported by the victim. Around 2:30 AM on August 31, the victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, was approached from behind by two black men in the alley behind American Apparel.

The men, brandishing handguns, reportedly ordered the victim to the ground and robbed him of his wallet. The victim managed to slide his phone into his underwear as he hit the deck, and the robbers never noticed. Weho Sheriffs responded promptly but the suspects weren't found.

Moral of the story: 
Look up, look alert, and avoid using alleys on your way to the after-party.

 Xoxo Mc Grough

P.S. What happened to the cops on bikes and extra patrols we were promised? Did the city forget about us again?


  1. stay out of alleys at 2;30 in the mroning crackhead!!!

  2. They should put some HD cameras up around these places. They're spending $60,000 on a rainbow sidewalk, the city could go to Best Buy and buy some cameras.

  3. The city has NO interest in your safety as evidenced by the paltry 6% of the city's budget allocated to public safety! Rainbow crosswalks and subsidizing valet parking stands are where it's at...your City Council & leadership could give a crap less if there are hoodlums running amuck in WeHo and Sheriff's don't have the staff to handle the call volume anyways.

  4. Something tells me these thugs are attacking white dudes that have whites only on there grinder account...I wish a bitch would...

  5. while my visit to west hollywood in June. My best friend and i were robbed at santa monica blvd and palms. two blacks came out of their cars with knives and stoled our money and iphones! =(
    we filed a police report and nothing happened! sad....

  6. when i was almost mugged on Palm Ave around Oct of last year by two black guys, at gun point, thankfully they were caught about an hour later.. i cant help but feel like it was the same two people..

  7. I was robbed by two white guys on Santa Monica a couple months ago.. they took my crack, they took my boost mobile. And they went in my black love hole minus the condim

  8. It's always the damn niggers.
    Send me all back to Mississippi!

  9. theres a black bitch that works at the post office that has these fucking guys come and hang out up top. they harassed me one night too a long time ago. Postal people suck ass....

  10. does the city care about us?
    what a joke. only a moron would suggest that the city would not take this kind of violence seriously. but there are typical 'victims' that always want to to blame other people for the bad behavior of the trash that can roam any city, including weho.
    just be alert and careful and stay in lighted areas, not dark alleys looking for cock.
    i was approached by a couple of bad guys, and i knew something was up. so i charged the big guy and knocked him down and started smashing his head into the curb, the smaller one took off. i was lucky and i am not slightly built, but they thought they could roll me.
    be safe kids, because there is evil out there and evil comes in many flavors.


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