There's many drags out there that think their the sh!t but they end up over do it and make a fool out of themselves. Tigerheat is known for putting on GOOD shows with professional drags and background dancers, but lately it's been a DISASTER. Thursday Tigerheat performances have been taken over by amateur drags over the summer! Take a look at these videos! If I was the owner of Tigerheat I would stop these awful performers, it makes Tigerheat look bad. 

Drag Mystic her wig falls at 4:23, then she doesn't even have dancers to put on a good show. The wanna be pitbull sucks. Any drag can walk around stage lip singing and flipping there hair back and forward that's not talent.

And another wig falls of on a Tigerheat's "Drag Miss M" performance. See video at 3:29

Take a look at this boring Tigerheat performance "Miss Scion", NO TALENT at ALL. Anyone can walk on stage and strike pose. It's just plain disgusting seeing drags like this who are FAT were TIGHT SPANDEX and liatards and think they look all slim and sexy. No honey you look like a package of sausages with rolls all over the place.

Don't drags have STYLE or fierce looks? All these Amateurs wanna wear the same thing Black and Leotards; This is not a BALLET performance. Come on this bitches need to bring it out more, they are on Tigerheat, the biggest gay club in the west coast. I know Ru Paul states "Lip Sing for your life, and don't fuck it up" but he needs to tell them to focus on what they wear as well.

Now this Drag performance would have been a ACTUAL performance if she had DANCERS. I believe that it was lacking dancers, the audience get board of just looking at the drag.

Look at this. The dancers Have A better TUCK than the drag. These drags should use DUCK TAPE, or Gorilla Glue Tape.

I've been coming to Tigerheat for many years (Since 2002) and never have I seen so many awful performances. These drag need to step up to the plate and be better performers; instead of stopping the people who come to the club to party. Basically "don't waist my time if you know your performance is going to suck." It rude the stop our party to see your crappy performances. As for Tigerheat i love the club, the djs, the atmosphere, and the sexy gogos, but keep in mind they are a business and image counts.



  1. yeah. yawn to the post and to the drags.

  2. gurrrrrrrrl please.....

  3. i think the problem here is you have been going to tigerheat for way too long. don't "waist" your time...

  4. priceless. I don't do drag but are you not suppose to boby pin those wigs on if you are going to swing your head?

    Would you call this booger drag?

  5. the problem here is DJ WES and his Cheap ass antics of only wanting to pay The Rupauls Drag Race girls , his nose so far up each of their asses trying to keep his own bar looking successful with the IDEA of "BIG NAMES" party at 340 with toddlers, Tacky tacky tacky, you get what you pay for, and sadly these girls are all he is willing to spend on.... Heres a solution, Stop going to the club, anyone over the age of 30 going to any party like tigerheat truely reminds me of N.A.M.B.L.A, Tigerheat where old fags go to try and reconnect with their youth ... Tacky

  6. What's more atrocious than a bunch of subpar WeHo trannies? This "writer's" abysmal spelling and grammar. Baby Jesus on a barbecue, it's so bad it makes me want to commit genocide against my own people (ginger eskimos).

  7. Drag is dead, or should be!! Who really cares about a cracked out fag with a wig lip synching to Brittany....Like 99% of actors....talentless, mindless, and have an ego that allows them to think they will be the next Big thing....

  8. Sheesh, u added video links and everything, but couldn't stop to proofread. Maybe you should stop going to Tigerheat and enroll in some English courses instead. I give props to anyone brave enough to hit the stage, your just a member of the audience so please, take your seat now sweety you're blocking my view of the show. K thanks

  9. What seems apparent here, is that anonymous XXX is probably some trashy wetback that desperately wants to be a queen. You will remain a bitter person hiding behind a profile and still taking your tired and probably blown out ass to TigerHeat regardless of who and what is there. So, instead of trying to "read" people. Learn to spell. How does that taste darling?

  10. Dear Sir/Madam
    …and to all the other delusional diva loving Lady Boys and fire-breathing Dragster princesa, that it may concern.
    So what's really the matter? Did your two-toned turkey feather boa molt sweetie-pie? Maybe the synthetic “pop star” Halloween wig you bought at the dollar store is on too tight? To me it sounds like you're not getting booked at the club anymore? Or you’re a wannabe that never was? Well let's change that, let’s have some RuPaulian bimbo strutting action then! Let's see your ass up there wiggling and flaunting just about everything you got,to pop icon perfection if you got it like that! Where’s the link to that VIDEO?
    The truth is all you primadonna bitches got us DRAGGED OUT! You either play the game by their rules or change it. You got to work for that crown now and putting your act through their weekly paces in a showcase competition should be easy if you're a showgirl. A real performer would jump at a chance to make easy money after-all and would also see it as an opportunity to develop some performing chops in front of a supportive crowd of peers. The experience will make you a better entertainer and the people you work with will help you take ugly raw talent and push it forward to a professional level if you truly have the balls for it.

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  13. HILARIOUS!! Here are the TIGERHEAT performances we put on all summer that did have back-up dancers etc. It's so funny how the hater who wrote this article selected specific performances they felt were not worthy of the stage. these links are all the same contestants who are part of the same promotion and you can CLEARLY see that they deliver it all. Stop hating because YOU and some of YOUR FRIENDS did not make it, what were doing is GREAT EXPOSURE!!
    1. MISS M: JUDAS
    3.JERRICA and Company

    oops I left out the comment aimed at me above, I must be doing something right because you are STILL TALKING ABOUT ME. And Rupaul stars? I've hired in the last three monthes Cha Cha, Jasmine Masters, Phawnta, Laganga Estranja, Melissa Befierce, Angelique, Che Che Echelon, Lady Forbidden, Mayhem, Shaylavie, Bella Farrow, Neuber Styles, Lady K, Samantha Starr, The Glamorous Monique, Flava and Jackie Beat. Do they sound like Rupaul stars? I'm so sorry that YOUR NAME was NEVER on the payroll :-) And connecting with my youth? You make me sound like MADONNA, I'll take that as the biggest compliment I've ever gotten! That is how you spell gotten!

  14. ^^^^ This delusional tired queen... just die of aids already! do everyone a favor and take your bf with you too!RIP Wes & Miguel... FYI an investigation has been started with the City of Pomona and LA county for portiution in your club... I find it funny how desperate you all are for money... Tell your staff to be careful who they show their junk for to make some extra tips... it could be an undercover investigator.. In time your tacky trashy place will be closed down.

  15. *prostitution... correcting my grammer

  16. ^ you mean correcting your spelling. no grammar idiot. :)

  17. ^^ LOL!! yeah that too! ;)


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