City of Lancaster, CA Protects High School Gay Basher

A football player brutally beat up a 17-year-old GIRL for being gay, and the school will not file charges against him. Instead, the incident goes on HER permanent record.

The deputy sheriff tells her that he will take the football player's side if she chooses to file charges independently. How is this a) legal and b) part of being a free American?

There's a petition at that seeks justice for this hideous hate crime but it only has 53 signatures. This issue is too important to ignore so we hope you'll take a minute to sign it & pass it on!



  1. How is this a bad thing?

  2. the link didnt work


  4. The man who attacked a lesbian is not getting in trouble which opens the door for other homophobic students to think it's okay to keep beating up gay people. Read the title slowly darling! @12:48

    According to a report by Deputy Mike Rust with the Lancaster Sheriff’s Station of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the basis of the account described was not a case of gay-bashing resulting in serious injuries, but of a fight that broke out between two Lancaster High School students (one male and one female) on 25 September 2012 over a cafeteria line-cutting incident, which left one of the participants with minor injuries and ended with both students' being arrested and suspended:
    Shortly after noon on Tuesday, September 25, 2012, a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy who is assigned as a School Resource Deputy at Lancaster High School (located at 44701 32nd Street West, Lancaster) was on campus when he heard about a fight near the cafeteria area.

    The deputy immediately went to the cafeteria area and saw a large group of students. School security was detaining at least two students.

    School security personnel told the deputy that the two students had been fighting so the deputy began an investigation into the incident.

    The investigation, which included talking to many student witnesses, revealed that the two students had been part of a large group of

    students who were all standing in a lunch line in the cafeteria area.

    The 15-year old male student (suspect/victim) had complained to a female student about her cutting into the line, instead of waiting.

    A 17-year old female student (suspect/victim) who was standing nearby, heard the 15-year old telling the female student not to cut into line. The 17-year old female rushed over to the 15-year old male and pushed his chest, causing him to fall back and strike his back against a metal handrail. Believing he had just been pushed by a male student, the 15-year old punched the 17-year old in the face. The two students then exchanged several punches until the fight was broken up by school security.

    Both the 15-year old male student and 17-year old female student were arrested by the Lancaster Sheriff’s Station deputy for fighting on school grounds, a “mutual combat” misdemeanor battery, 243.2 of the California Penal Code.

    The deputy reported that the 15-year old did not appear injured and the 17-year old received a small laceration to her lip. Both refused medical treatment at the school.

    The deputy immediately notified the parents of both of the students, and released each of them to the custody of the parents.

    Both students were suspended by the school.

  6. She is a bitchy lesbian and deserves to be bashed.

  7. There are always 2 sides to a story...

  8. why don't you idiots tell the whole story before asking people to take a position you drugged up idiots.

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