Andrew Christian
September 13, 2012

Candis Cayne Tweets her Pic from South Of France

We adore this gorgeous super tranny however... we're not sure how she can afford the rent let alone a trip to the South of France when her only job is hosting at Rasputin (gay club) on Saturday night?


 xxx IMLAY


  1. I belive that she and Andrew Curry and some others all live at pico/Crenshaw which is SOUTH of France, so she is correct in saying that.

  2. Best Thing I've EVER ReadSeptember 13, 2012 at 4:04 PM

    is directly above ^^^ uh-mazing!!!

  3. I'm sure she is often invited on lavish vacations by the rich and powerful simply because they enjoy her company and bask in her fabulousness.

  4. What happined to andrew gruver opening the Java destours as varsity?

  5. Candis, Curry and Mike Belyea on a yacht in the South of France? Some Weho Daddy so paid for that.

  6. France in September? Its like discount season. Please honey....

  7. This is one busted up tranny! Couldn't she afford the teeth that would actually fit in that mouth?

  8. I like seeing Andrew and his friends run around year after year trying to impress people but don't amount to anything. The people they try to impress move on and have careers and buy places to live and new cars and he and his friends are still running around to impress people for a nite or two then run out of steam and the people move on. I have my own place over here in Hollywood a new car, and a full time job with a pay check . I don't think any thing is permanent in thier lives but creditors, judgement suitors and lanlords wondering where the rent is.


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