"Bridesmaids" Actors Moved to WeHo & Now Annoy Neighbors

Apparently after Rebel Wilson & her co-star play roommates together in "Bridesmaids" they decided to try it out for real in WeHo. See the anonymous note left for them by one WeHo resident! This is hilarious.

Dear neighbor,
I am living somewhere behind you.
I am glad you are enjoying your new pool and hot tub, but I am trying to sleep. I can hear everything you say, even the British accents.
If you continue to make noise past 10 p.m., I will call the cops.
We have rules here in West Hollywood. Seriously.
And stop singing show tunes from "Annie."
Both of you are way too old to ever be cast as child orphans.
The sun will come out tomorrow? Yeah, and so will the cops!
Welcome to the neighborhood.

xxxo IMLAY


  1. She's not from "Bridesmaids." She is from "Bachelorette."

  2. both you stupid fag

  3. and she is Australian it is an Australian accent not british.......fucking idiots!

  4. I met her at Mel & Rose. She was super nice.

  5. She must live in the Russian part

  6. lol not adding him on grindr !!!!


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