Andrew Christian
September 26, 2012

Are You Doing it Correctly?

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Soju & GG


  1. I think the bottom figure with the arched back is kittycatstyle.

  2. I hope you 'mos know how to doggy style lol

  3. have u had any idea how many bttms ive told to do it "like this" instead of the other way #fuckinannoying

  4. Soooo many guys do it the wrong way. But, that's mostly because they don't have an ass...they are so flat, shapeless, and odd looking that they can't help it.

  5. No Pej, care to say a number? Can't count that high?

  6. What difference does it make? I don't get it

  7. The top picture shows someone arching their butt which opens up the anal canal and makes it easier for the penis to go in.

    The bottom picture shows someone arching their back like a cat which points the anal canal in a more vertical rather than horizontal plane so it is harder to get the penis in and out, and is more painful for the bottom.

    Many people arch their backs like the bottom picture because their back is tight, glutes are not strong.


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