1-800-Get-UR-Tea ☕ with Kiki Xtravaganza

"I used to think I was FIERCE 'cause I was in all the Houses, I won Trophies... I used to munch Trade for Dollar's too. But you see I'm FierceR now 'cus I got A Job, I got an Education and I got somebody waiting for me at Home God Damit."  

I Love that Quote from Azealia Banks "Fierce" off of her well recieved mixtape "FANTASEA" 

A little about me:
I'm from the House of Xtravaganza based in NYC. Currently residing in WeHo for the Last 15 years and loving it! 
If you don't know anything about this sub-culture, you can start by watching the "PARIS IS BURNING" Documentary.

It will enlighten you on the subject.

I feel WeHo needs to soak itself into some Culture because there is a lot of Abercrombie and Fitch being served, and that's Not Cute. Sorry, I meant Hollister.

~Things that are feeding my soul right now~


Mykki Blanco  "Wavvy" 

He's on Fire! A Gay Boy/Drag Queen rapper from NYC. 


Also, an export from Australia, my girl Iggy Azalea in this recent collaboration with Steve Aoki & Angger Dimas "Beatdown"

She goes Hard! Definitely makes all the bottoms rump shake and tops swing it on the dance floor. One of my children known as Ttyl8er (on the web) is her main dancer in the music video. 


Purity Ring "Fineshrine" 

A band from Canada. Great chill out music.

George Styler, Born in Serbia (& sexy too)

Hey, if your not willing to break the bank for fashion,  it could at least just ignite and inspire you to get dressed for once when you go out at night. 

Speaking of night life, let's make it all about me right now. :-*
Starting September 8th every Saturday night "Show and Tell " at Fubar 

If you're feeling like trying something New and Different - DJ JoshPeace will be serving you heated up beats, stacks on top of stacks and racks on top of racks of bangers.

Now back to the "BALL Scene" for a minute, every house is like a Family, in my family I have a few children that I mentor and take care of. This is one of my daughters Brandy Castellanos 

She is a Transsexual. She recently just got back from Modeling in London, Paris, and NYC. She also won Miss Trans-Latin 2012 Look Out for her!

*Side Note
You know what is Missing in Hollywood? "GLAMOUR" 

So I leave you with this picture (pic) 7-11 couture Realness ! 

"Cause you Paid 10 dollars to get into the Ball" - AZEALIA BANKS "FIERCE"
For all of you that don't know. Now you know. 
Ooou The Shade!


  1. Drag is DEAD! RuPaul is DEAD! Stay dead RuPaul!

  2. Blow quandra is Back for the fallSeptember 4, 2012 at 9:02 PM

    Ki Ki,Coo Coo

    I like you and all but um I just saw the above video with Myki Blanco and baby I SURE dont want to learn about THAT sub culture its just reminds m eof the troof- just some Nigger waiting to peddle some home made drugsz and waiting to ROB some body. And the fashion video? Was Punishing to my eyes!! Aint nobody gana wear that crap except them peeps on skid row if it SMELLZ new! And the pic of that lil wet back who prolly cleans my apartMINT on um sundays..aint Nuthing new- I swear she and her Grand Mother ThUR ressa sold me some chicklets last weekend while Manny Patel plaid the mandolin and sold me some mangoes in Tiajuanna!!!
    Ki ki you are amazing on yur own- no NEED to bring these trufffffuuuuling Nigers/wetbacks n2 you life baby. Keep it simple.
    And KIKI DONT loan them yur EBT card its gana be on on watermelon,pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds in NO time!
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    then ill be find
    Also speaking of which have you KIKI ben to manny patels couch he sleeps on?
    Gurls I swear its smeels like a corpse thats been rotting in the sun of Hezzbolaah for 3 1/2 weeks!
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    256 normanide apt 3
    Los anglesles ca 90001

  3. Fuck this tea is BOILNG. More of this hooker and less of manny patel plzzz. Nice to see a new trick on the block

  4. Blowquandra,
    Your grammer is a little bit off, but we the people DO understand you and know that that you only speak the truth. Continue we are here and listening.

  5. Directly from Hell, La Madrina (((Griselda Blanco))) with her only life line from Satan would like to congratulate Kiki on her debut to wehoconfidential.com. Sorry for the cocaine shortage. I'm working on it!!!

  6. fuck winning..LIVVING! Nice article kiki i see you!

  7. WC, thanks for giving this tired old lady a forum to live out her delusions. This is NOT cute and what she thinks are major milestones in her life and what is "culture" is pathetic. What's worse is that you have losers like Blowquandra and other commentators, more likely you guys and/or this Kiki character or her cohorts, an opportunity to give themselves a sense of accomplishment with their bullshit comments. Btw, bitches, save the effort of calling me a nigger and telling me that I'm nobody because, guess what, you skanks are totally predicatable.


  8. No one gives a fuck about these drag queens and freak shows...

  9. These drag queens are losers that most people can't stand.

  10. @ 1:04
    Yoru still a COTTON PICKING NIGGER! ,Nigger!

  11. @12:48

    Oh, you poor little boy, I must've really touched a nerve if that's the best you can come up with.

    You are still a worthless ignorant asshole.

  12. You guys are bafoons.

  13. I love me some Kiki and especially some Drag bc life can be such a drag without without Drags. May the Drags live on.

  14. @ 3:16
    You didnt Srikeone of MY nerves -it's just plain and simple- youre still a NIGGER! and you are NOTHING! Not much else to say to you , Nigger!

  15. @9:01

    Then, why are you still talking?! Poor little crybaby got his TEENY WEENIE LITTLE feelings hurt? WAAAAAAAH

  16. I'M LOVING THIS POST. no tea, no shade.


    i can't believe ppl still using the n word with so much hatred. Dissapointing, especially when all of us gays have to stick together in this cruel world. Instead of expanding from what you already know, guess u wanna stay stuck listening to pop radio all ya life.


    and to that dude that wrote a novel with nothing but h8, i hope u find love and someone holds you at night.

    xo xo


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