Word Of The Week: Chlorine


chlo·rine [klawr-een, -in, klohr-]

— noun

used to describe horrible cocaine cut several times down with various powders, vitamins, breast milks and laxatives. Used socially in most West Hollywood bathrooms as many mistake it for cocaine. It's names origin comes from its communal pool taste and smell. Chlorine can be found at various after parties in the Hollywood Hills.

Aslo see: Cocaine.

Used in a sentence: "What the fu*k was that Chlorine we just snorted, It burned my eyes like the pool at 24hr Fitness. I want my money back, I didn't come to swim hunty!"



  1. Hey Jasmin, can you spell sentence? Didn't think so. All that chlorine must be getting to you.

  2. Sorry, I was actually doing a line while researching this. I will go back to my Speak n Spell and study for you. xoxo

  3. Thanks and please Share that Speak n Spell with your cohorts.

  4. "also" is spelled wrong as well. :) you spelled is aslo :) love ya hunty :)


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