Where 2 Be: Saturday Night 8/18/12

It's Saturday, which means you've put your drug dealer on speed dial, douched your nose and are ready to go! 

It's going to be a wet n' wild night! We're staring at Rasputin (Russian Love Machine) its located at the Robertson, 655 N Robertson Blvd, West Hollywood, CA - 90069.

Joey Maalouf from Rachel Zoe will be guest hosting as well as Greg K from the MisShapes DJing the patio! We heard Luke Nero is single and looking! $5 or a blow job gets you past the line!

After Rasputin, we're headed to The Abbey or "Abbeies" if you're foreign! It's always free and the bathrooms are fun.

Then, we'll be dragging our wandering holes up to HERE Lounge to watch Pej instigate another fight. Bring EXTRA hand sanitizer incase he decided to kiss your neck! We ran out last time. #cokeheadproblems

Lasty, we plan to crawl down Santa Monica Blvd past our friends at Micky's Nightclub onto Vaseline Alley for a well deserved ending to a blessid evening!

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  1. all im going to is rasputin fuck everything else

  2. I wouldnt give luke nero a dollar for anything, the clinic visits are way too pricy

  3. Nobody goes to HERE anymore it's done and over with.

  4. Rasputin needs better drinks they are week as fuck and the vodka taste like cup cleaner.

  5. ^^^ Agreed. No cover is nice. But $12 weak-ass well drinks, combined with not being able to move, is getting old fast.

  6. 12:07 must work for a different club or promotion LOL I had to wait in line to get into HERE last night. :D

  7. bullshit...i was at Here... no line... left.

  8. club war comments are so predictable. TRUTH. rasputin shut down cherry pop within 6 months and here lounge gets the over flow from people who don't want to wait in rasputin's line.


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