What Ever Happend to Bar Varsity ? ? ?


A homeless man was found dead in front of this building on Sunday!


  1. Nothing Ever Happened. Duh.

  2. Nothing happined as all th ePhoney queens who love to pretend they have $$ ran outta it and that why nothing happined cause they had NOTHING in their wallets!

  3. Ryan & Andrew can't even open a condom let alone a nightclub.

  4. Anything these two old, tired, washed up, reality show failure, posing, lying, gossiping, wannabes touch fails. There is your answer. Andrew and Ryan are poison and lying jokes. Andrew should stick to what he knows best, botox, collagen, conning old men out of money, blow, blow, blow, blow, blow and tucking Candice. Ryan should do the same, trying to look young, cheating on Rob, having three ways with Rob, lying, stealing, conning, getting tacky tattoos acting like an idiot reality show reject. This bar will be and has always destined to be a failure, just like their lives.


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