TOPFF4SLAVE is Online (Is He 4 Real ?)

I will not take any bullshit who will not obey me.

30, 6'1", 185lb, 32wMuscularBrown Hair,SmoothWhite, Looking for Friendship, 1-on-1 Sex, Misc Fetishes, Relationship. 

To come into My world is a privilege given only to those who know their place. Accept My rules, or scamper off to a less demanding Master. Show absolute respect. you will address Me as MAster, and honor Me as such, you give up your free will the moment I allow you into My are My property. Never question My will or refuse my commands. If you cannot follow My orders, or if you attempt to top from the bottom, you will be dismissed PERMANENTLY.

I have also been trained well to listen to what my submissive/slaves need. Your pain is my pleasure! You will earn my respect on your knees. And once you have earned it… I will show you how much I care. By loving and caring for you as you do for me. Im very much enjoy that special art of bathing including receiving sponge baths.

MilitaryOut YesSmoke SociallyDrink OccasionallyDrugs NoZodiac Scorpio.

Top9.5" CutSafe Sex OnlyHIV Negative, Prefer meeting at: My Place.


xo xo


  1. Id let him destroy me

  2. stuff me open and enter My hole!

  3. the guy in the pictures is actor, Marco Dapper

  4. i bet he's fake....ive seen that pic float around the net many times

  5. That's not real. That Zmarco Dapper.

  6. So an old ho taught me this trick. Best way to see if someone is fronting on A4A. Go to Google images and drag and drop the image into search box.

    This image is someone named Marco Dapper

  7. In all dating websites, all master profiles are extremely hot guys. recently i've seen many of this kind of ad. all fake. i bet there are some ugly fat pics stroking their cocks by reading all the responses they get this kind of ads. Plus, because they are the master, you have to send your pics but can't ask for one and also make an interview at skype, one sided of course!

  8. Anonymous 11:45am - I've noticed the same thing. They keep popping up all the time. Insanely hot guys with those profiles saying they're masters looking for slaves. They're always fake. They have to be.


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