The gay man's guide to condoms (Everything they didn't teach you in school.)

Every gay man needs to know about condoms. They’re cheap, simple to use, and the best way to keep you and your partner safe from all kinds of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.
Terrence Higgins Trust has created the following guide - a short refresher course in the humble condom - that we hope will help you and your partner have a better, safer sex life.

Nice packet

Every guy should have his own personal stash of condoms tucked away somewhere. But it’s unwise to hang on to a condom that’s gone past the expiry date printed on the wrapper. Find out more.

Size matters

Cocks come in a smorgasbord of shapes and sizes, so it’s important to select a condom that fits yours properly. Read more.

Get it on

The moment has come. Find out more about putting on condoms

Stay slick

A good dollop of water-based lube will make anal sex a far more pleasant experience for both of you. Find out more.

Grand finale

After coming, hold onto the base of the condom firmly to stop any cum leaking out and to stop the condom coming off inside his arse. Then pull out. Use each condom only once.
Wrap the used condom in a tissue and put in a bin. Condoms put in a toilet can block it.

Grab a handful

Free condoms and lube are available from many gay bars, clubs, saunas, backrooms and gyms, sexual health clinics, HIV clinics, some doctors’ surgeries and health centres, gay social and youth groups, as well as from HIV or safer sex organisations.
Condoms can be bought in many different places such as chemists, supermarkets, late night garages, gay shops and vending machines in clubs and pubs. Many websites sell condoms.

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