Reality Show Slated for Lisa Vanderpump's @SurLounge


We were frequenting Sur Lounge at least twice a month for various meetings with our attorneys but now they're turning the entire joint into a reality show.

Firstly, why the hell does Lisa need a second show?

Secondly, we're not going here anymore because it's going to become some tacky tourist attraction.

Thirdly, this is a failed reality show just waiting to happen.

We'll see you at Tortilla Republic...minus the film crew!



Ps - Congrats on the new show lady!


  1. What? You won't be back? I'm sure she'll be devastated!

  2. They've been filming all summer. It's mostly about the servers and bartenders and their lives.

  3. Both restaurants like most people in LA offers all show, and no substance. If it isn't 100 percent organic, then it's poison folks. But for those that do lots of drugs, pesticides don't seem to bother them so enjoy..

  4. I love it!! Give us Jeffrey, too!!


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