Andrew Christian
August 21, 2012

Prince Harry Naked in Vegas

Sometimes what happens in Vegas... ends up on WeHo Confidential:

Why did they have to censor out his perfect ginger hole? 
We'd seriously  fu(k the hell out of this sweet little British... royal minus the condim!!!
No lube just spit!

Apparently the prince invited a bunch of ladies up from the casino to play a game of Strip Pool?

The British don't really frown on nudity but we're pretty sure the Royal PR team is pissed.



  1. who cares???? Only stupid CNN is infatuated with the Brits royals. I don't think Americans give a fuck about the British royal family. We only liked Princess Diana, and she is dead.

  2. starlite auto theatreAugust 22, 2012 at 5:41 PM

    Personally I think he is fucking hot and a good, normal representative of modern young people that will help the monarchy connect to an ever changing global society.


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