Andrew Christian
August 4, 2012

Mug Shot of the Week:

Charged w/: DUI



  1. He takes a nice mug shot. Iam sure a lot of older guys bought him drinks that night

  2. did anyone tongue punch his fart box in jail?

  3. Im really sorry to bring this up butt...does any one know if Manny Patel has a face book for his Saffron yellow colored teeth?

  4. Who is he? Did this even happen in west hollywood?

  5. Who cares? Back in the day they used to get a slap on the wrist. Now we live in a police state.

  6. Yeah, we're all shown ads for booze 24/7 and told that if we don't drink it, we're not real men. Of course everyone's getting DUI's.

  7. @9:17 oh yes hunty.. that boy got his smooth hole tongue fucked and held him down and gave that cherry hole his first BBC. I always have the best luck in cell block b


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