Missing Pup 8/29/12

If you're in the West Hollywood area please keep your eyes out for a black and tan Manchester Terrier, her name is Kizzy. She's 10 lbs and about 12" tall at her shoulder, she has a barking collar on but no tag however she is chipped. Please contact the search team in the comment section of this post if you see her.

Thank you!


ps - Note to selves.. never let DJ Drew G dog sit.


  1. I think i saw this dog under a tired on Doheny

  2. bobby trendy made him into soup

  3. ^^

    lol someone beat me to it.

  4. When fuckers like you spew out racist jokes, it just furthers the cause for equality and gay rights. Shame on you.

  5. This dog is a loose whore with a flappy hole. I saw it taking bareloads in the steamroom at 24hr.
    It will let anyone hump it.


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