Lucas John's Rainbow Crosswalks Made Permanent in WeHo

At last night's City Council meeting council member John Duran said that:

 “[The crosswalks] are critical to the tourists and young gay and lesbian people and not-so-young gay and lesbian people who are passing through from Iowa or Montana or Kansas. They cannot believe that they actually see a municipality where the rainbow colors are on display all year long. It tells them it is a sanctuary. It tells them there is a safe place in America where the LGBT community is celebrated.”

Lucas John said he was excited to hear that the rainbow crosswalks located in the heart of boystown were going to be made permanent however he went on to express some concern about proper maintenance, "Those crosswalks look like sh!t right now & it's rather embarrassing. It only takes a second to come up with a good idea but it takes time, thoughtfulness & dedication to execute & maintain it properly." He also went to express thanks to council member John Duran & his colleagues for "taking the bull by the horns & getting'r done!"

This is a big win for gays every where! Come to WeHo.... we're just a little bit gayer than everywhere else & the weather is b!tching!

Soju & Neo


  1. funny that duran would throw iowa in with those other 2 states because they have something better than the silly rainbow crosswalks.....the legal right to marry, mary!!!

  2. Actually, they see a municipality where the rainbow colors are run over with tire tracks all year long.

  3. ^^^ AND walked on.


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