Andrew Christian
August 13, 2012

Ladies Nite OUT!

The night was so exciting at the launch of OMG Brandz Cases! Kitson rolled out the red carpet, there were lots of fabulous people there and Zing Vodka made an appearance so we all had delicious cocktails…

Adrienne Maloof looked amazing as usual! Young! young !young !Pretty !Pretty! Pretty! It was fun it was dark and everyone had their lite up OMG ! Phone in hand!

Check out the pictures below~

xo xo 


  1. Who on THIS earth makes those outfits he wears?!

  2. Bobby Trendy Knows how to make an appearance GURLLL!

  3. do those cases light up or is it just the ice sculpture?

  4. I feel like every gay in weho will have that case by friday. Kinda hilarious especially that bobby trendy was invited to this event. did they have a list or was a free for all!? She prolly took as many samples as she could get. Lord have mercy!

  5. Why is he still relevant?

  6. She is irrelevant so much that she is relevant? get it?

  7. Where do you buy these cases from?

  8. He sure knows how to get photographed! Those lips are very recognizeable on the blogs now.

  9. Kitson? Really?

    Do people still shop there?

    The men's clothes are douche-tastic.

  10. Of COURSE Bobby Trendy is there, trying to get in the spotlight.

    *shakes head*

    UGH... such a pathetic fame-whore. WHY do people even care about him anymore?!?! He's like a disgusting little cockroach that just won't die.

  11. @ 8:18
    I work in PR. He is a genious to get on a mainstream show and stay relevant. He is a household name and his products sell. I used to work at Nous Models on robertson upstairs from the Chanel store and he causes a paparazzi frenzy when he steps out of his Aston Martin to go shopping on Robertson. He is giving them what they want -"celebrity".


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