Kris Gets his First Bikini Wax...



  1. Who the fuck is Kris and who cares if he gets his inside thigh waxed? slow gossip day weho confidential delusional trannies?
    This site is like high school. Clearly written by a few young queens (the worst kind) squealing, full face of make up, dressed like women. You kids think acting like this makes you super cool. Unfortunately like every gay person before you....We all did think that to (for different reasons to the weho trannies). Eventaully when you grow up and mature you current weho trannies will be the ones being bullied and abused by the next generation of inmature delusional up and coming young bitchy queens. You are just too stupid to think rationally! Typical illiterate, ignorant, uneducated Americans. You all need to get off your high horses before you fall off them. You are nothing but shameful....

  2. by the way, bring on the barrage of abuse from my previous post. (I hope the word barrage isn't too big for you guys here. If you would like me to explain what it means let me know)I would anticipate the following:
    He has Aids
    He has anal warts
    I fucked him raw the other night
    He has STD's
    He is a hooker
    Whatever.....very mature and the type of response I would expect from you messes.
    Grow up
    Grow a pair
    and stop embarrassing yourselves. You are going to look back at this period of your life and be so very embarrassed and so you should be!

  3. Next how about you post a vid of him getting some face work done because that bitch is a hot mess. Ugly ho.


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