KingQueen Shows off Her "Talent" @ Hard Rock Cafe


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  1. This song is like a pre response to what people prolly told her after her performance

  2. Who is letting her pollute the air with her music?

  3. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaah. Chris Salvatore is so jealous right now. Do either of these people have a job where they at least make minimum wage?

  4. Oh dear.
    Zero stage presence and TERRIBLE sound mix. You can only hear every fifth word. It's probably a good thing actually. The guy running the sound-board did us all a favour by drowning out her barking. Then there's the "choreography" and awkward movements as she lumbers across the stage....dreadful, just dreadful.
    My niece makes the same uncoordinated and random hand-gestures when she sings into her hairbrush microphone... She's 3 years old.

  5. Get on back to the kitchen girl, there's a pile of dirty dishes that need your autograph.

  6. This Bitch is DUMB!


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