Joel Simkhai is our Daddy of the Month:

Joel is the founder of a little ap you may have heard of... GRINDR & of course he's single and ready to mingle! This "little" entrepreneur calls Sunset Plaza home & he's no stranger to fine dining. He love's London, long hikes up Runyan Canyon & smoking medical marijuana! He even named his world famous hookup ap after a weed grinder.

Keep your eyes peeled for this one in WEHO since we're pretty certain he won't be on the meat market for much longer!



  1. Speaking of weed wackers I think he was using one in my front yard today!! Bhwaaaaaa bwhaaaaa!!

  2. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ GET IT ~

  3. Saw him in Las Vegas and around LA playing Sugar Daddy to a young tall blond blue eyed boy who had big $$$ in his eyes. Ahh to be taken care of!


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