How to Live Your Life Like A Pop Star by Sir Jet

We're sorry but if your a 40-year-old grown man still trying to live your life like a pop star you're delusional honay! What's wrong with LA ?  ? There must be something in the vodka!

"I often warn myself since the rampage of negative comments on the "Storm" video to not read the comments coming in on my videos. The reason being if someone says something harsh it'll haunt me the rest of the day. I can't help but take it personally, but then again I also have to remind myself that that person speaks ill because s/he is in pain and doesn't know how to deal with it other than cyber-bullying a stranger. And if we are all one and the same, then his/her pain is just as much my pain, and then I understand, if I was in pain I would want someone to know, I would want someone to notice me and make me feel better. In that sense I can easily talk myself out of it. Just now that temptation to look at video comments took over me."

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  1. I only know him from Craigs list!

  2. He's got a killer body and a HUGE cock, but that bleached hair has got to go! Get back to your dark roots dude!

  3. What has lady gaga created and with Crocker making kickstarted for everything noadays is music the new WELFAIR!?

  4. DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!! Act your fucking age you delusional wannabe. No wonder half the world hates us, LOOK at this piece of work

    Ps get rid of the blonde asshole


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