GayborHood Watch: Sheriffs Shut Down Streets to Hunt Armed Robber:

photo via Mykee Be

West Hollywood police are hunting an armed robber in our neighborhood and have closed all streets to pedestrian and vehicle traffic until he is caught. Residents quickly accumulated at the police barrier, located at Westbourne and Rugby, one block south of SMB, to form an impromptu KiKi while they wait to be let back into their homes!

All streets were closed from Huntley to La Cienega and Santa Monica Blvd to Melrose.



  1. an impromptu KiKi .... oh GURL these are the best KINDS of kikis.

    downtown melissa brown and i love to have a kai kai while we smoke crack out of rhea litre's ka ka schute. shit is tastier than roscoe's chicken and waffles after being fisted.


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