From AWOL to Pink Taco:

Last Halloween J.T. Chestnut was arrested by the West Hollywood Sheriff's Department for going AWOL from the military during don't ask don't tell.

We recently bumped in to J.T. @ Tom Whitman's Size Sunday where we shared a big hug & a tear over his new status of "other than honorable discharge". JT thanked us for being the first ones to tell his story (which snowballed into tons of support from other media outlets such as the Huffington Post) which led to his more favorable discharge status.

We're pleased to report that today he's serving up some good ol' fashioned hospitality, taco flavored kisses & margaritas at Pink Taco in WeHo!



  1. What costs $1.00 at Pink Taco?

  2. this kid is a dirtbag and a con artist. run.

  3. Anyone else notice the name of the server on the receipt?

  4. or the check ID? duh


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