Eye on WeHo - 08.03.12

We found out that the WeHo Jesus is now a part of the decor at Pink Taco on Sunset Blvd. & he also drives a Mercedes!

Maria aka "The Rosas Lady" revealed that she loves getting her palm read by Simone in front of Revolver. Maria also wanted to remind you that she's still selling jello shots at the Abbey every Tuesday! Can anyone guess the fame whore chin in the top left corner?

3,000 teenage girls lined up at Millions of Milkshakes to be served by British pop sensation Cher Lloyd! She's that gurl who sings "Want U Back"!

The Abbey announced it's new Chic-fil-Gay sandwich but has yet to bring back the chicken deluxe. Proceeds for the new sandwich will be donated to AFER,

Looks like Belinda Carlisle's kid finally spotted the camera crews at the Hollywood Chick-Fil-A. We can spot the back of that fat headed bear cub anywhere.  #pathetic #famewhore

And the Mayor announced a town hall meeting at 2pm on August 25th in the Library's community room. You're invited!

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  1. Good job trashing James Duke Mason for attending a protest while your fat, sad, old asses attended happy hour at the Gold Coast. He's 19 and figuring it out. Points for trying.

  2. Cute idea from the Abbey...they should also have a Fish-Fil-Let on Wednesday

  3. Diggin' this weekly summary/digest post.

    Keep on doing it.

  4. Mannys saffron yellow teeh needs a facebook updateAugust 4, 2012 at 1:11 PM

    The only thing James and Manny were doing there were to TRY /Attempt to get 15 mins of fame out of it!! Thats all. Ask either one of them if they have doanted one red cent to any any any organization that helps people. Those two can't even afford to pass gas!

  5. Manny had diahera Friday nite it was not prety

  6. fame whore chin? im guessin pej

  7. Regardless of his motive, he was there.
    Don't let these bitter old queens get you down.
    You guys are so full of hate. Simply sad.


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