Andrew Christian
August 28, 2012

Dear Anonymous Overgrown Frat Boy:

The 80's called.... your college days were OVER 30 years ago!!!

Let's discuss the reality of these older men with Younger "boys." Not even Younger Men... the Directors, Writers, Managers... people that sell supplies. Don't their boy toys eventually leave them in the end? And what is it about them, that they seem to find the new ones fresh off the Greyhound "straight" outta the corn fields? Are these "generous men" content knowing that the love they receive is manufactured & temporary?

We're confused, because when does it get old?? OR is that exactly what you're running from? Have you ever experienced the real joy of someone loving you back just because they do and not because they stuck around through your rehab stints or whatever. But because the other person believed in you & loved you??

Moving on now..

It's true that people move here for a dream which is never based in reality, so the part they play ends up being that of a doe-eyed young buck in need of a Lambo for his latest facebook cover photo. Where is the self worth? or is that One moment on a private jet worth more than your integrity? Does anyone really believe they have that much to gain with these daddy types...?

Don't believe us? Ask any of the hot bartenders at Here Lounge if we speak the truth...

And is it okay to skip from one newbie to the next? Because there is always another Steven Roberts to take under your wing. a Kyle Leatherberry that desperately seeks to be in a film, or some hustler named Lucas Bane aka Lucas Gum to take your orders?

And why don't the struggling writers like "Candrew" and "Tohnson"... write about true life? That would be a bigger hit then some of the scripts they frequently pitch as the next great hope to pay their rent. Why not attempt to see through that "facebook fog machine" & Instagram haze to capture the story about your real lives? The truth is not so bad & it will ALWAYS set you free.

And remember darling... we're here to document, laugh & TEACH!



  1. People who live in glass houses....just sayin!

  2. How does TOM pay his rent? Id like to know. Actually Id like to know right now.

  3. It's increasingly becoming clear to me, based on the language of some of the stories and reader comments, that some of the WC writers are posting reader comments under a variety of pseudonyms. Shame on them for stirring shit and being unethical as bloggers. What a crock of shit.

  4. Live and let live. Both parties are getting something out of the arrangement. No different than the thousands of middle aged men dating chicks half their age.

    It's Hollywood. Not rocket science.


  5. So AJ and Stephen Friedman broke up?

  6. Billy M Dortch = doucheeeeee

  7. This article was much needed to be spoken about. My thoughts and sentiments exactly.

  8. @ 12:23
    shut up you damn Nigger cotton picking S L A VE ! ! !

  9. Why do older straight male Hollywood execs get to bang young girls for DECADES in this town - and yet their current gay counterparts are ripped apart for doing the exact same thing with young guys? AND ripped by their own kind?? Jesus... hate the game, not the players.

  10. Thanks WeHo Confidential for stating the obvious and saying what everyone is observing and thinking but no one likes to say it. It doesn't matter if it's a straight or a gay thing. It's disgusting to have older guys with money to be openly buying younger guys over and over again. This is the reason why there are so many damaged, bitter, and angry gays out there because most of them are these used up boy toys. I agree that both parties are responsible, but when you are a young and naive gay boy fresh meat in the big city and looking for love and acceptance, it is very easy to fall prey to these old rich Daddies flashing their money around and promising them a good time. It's a sad reality but it happens every night in WeHo. Just go to any of the gay bars and at point in the night, you will see some Daddy with his boy toys partying or at least an old Daddy going around making offers to young hot guys or the bartenders.

  11. "Just go to any of the gay bars and at point in the night, you will see some Daddy with his boy toys partying or at least an old Daddy going around making offers to young hot guys or the bartenders."

    This comment reeks of ageism.
    Is your real problem that young adults are attracted to older adults with power? - or that 50 year old gay men are sometimes attracted to younger men?
    By the way, whichever of those things is making you mad, it's time to realize that neither of those things is ever going away - and also, neither is inherently wrong.

  12. @10:27

    Did I make the little crybaby mad? You poor little boy. Waaaaaaah! Waaaaaaaaah!

  13. Tom IS always using his position in Hollywood to get with younger guys... I know someone who has been with him personally and wished they wouldn't have. I'll say this. He's a really nice guy, but he's still taking advantage of these young Hollywood wannabes, sadly.

    And fuck the prior "ageism" post. It's fucking disgusting. Maybe Tom's 45 to a 20 year old isn't the WORST thing ever but there are worse cases for sure. And no one's NOT calling attention to the old guy/young GIRL thing, that's just not this site's audience... but THAT'S fucking gross TOO.

  14. I agree..... all these anti-Brian Singer/Desanto/whatever posts are just disguised hatred for gay men who happen to like younger gay men...

  15. I believe that some of you older men are truly looking for love.
    I believe that some of you older men have a sick perversion with youth because you never got to be out when you were younger, or because you cant let go of your past i.e. dressing your boys up in singlets and wrestling to fulfill the fantasy you couldn't act out when you were in high school.
    I believe that some of you older men accept the relationship of mutual exchange and prey on that concept.

    and the same thing goes for the young boys.
    I believe that some younger guys want to fall in love with an older man regardless of his wealth or stature.
    I believe that some younger guys have fucked up daddy issues so they seek out older men to act out there fantasy.
    I believe that some younger guys accept the relationship of mutual exchange and prey on that concept.

    but regardless of what is going on, we just need to understand that unless you are participating in one of these relationships you have no idea what the motivation. Assuming that all of the older wealthy men that are mentioned in this post prey on younger guys is ridiculous. I will say that i think there is a level of delusion when a 50+ man desperately wants to fall in love but then has a standard age range of 18-25 years old.
    There was mention to finding them "straight off the greyhound". 90% of the time the older men are the ones who paid for the ticket, If it wasn't for these wealthy older men importing the fresh faces into weho we would all just have to watch each other get leathery.

  16. Whatever happened to Tom & Kyle. I will tell you what happened to them. They broke up because Kyle turned 24 (too old). Has anyone else seen the alleged the "boy" porn in tom's bathroom? He's a perv & I am glad someone finally said it.

  17. I see the frustraion of the WeHo Confidential writers contiune as they can't get anyone so then try to tear down those that can.

  18. Can we please discuss which STD's Tom is dispensing?

  19. Tom is so gross and a failed investigator. He thinks he can threaten people but he is a joke!

  20. Who is the boy in the pic with Tom?

  21. Tom has pool parties for all thse young "straight" boys and please we don't think there just doing it for a free meal and a pool to hang out with, i have been to these parties but was tyold i had to bring boys, haha not men boys. so sad but im sad for wanting to go, i find it all very amusing.

  22. tom is so shady he doesn't have a facebook. he knows he's slimy & trying to keep off radar. he's has so many ass craters it looks like Mars. i wanted to take wally putty to fill in all the gaps. he also has hpv according to kyle who also has it now.

  23. Come on really?! How many of you actually KNOW Tom? He's a nice guy and always treated me with decency and respect. Get over yourselves.

  24. oh come on, there are so many scumbags to go after but Tom? No, not by a longshot. Perhaps maybe you misunderstood his joke that he likes to tell about "many a SAG card i delivered..." it's a JOKE. Tom is a very decent guy and honestly, it's really pointless to hold ANYbody up to an archaic standard of how someone of a certain age is "supposed" to act. it's like the idiots who once loved Madonna but are now saying she needs to "act her age". fuck that! she can act however she wants, she looks good doin it. ditto for T.D.!

  25. Cough Jason Barschi Cough


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