City Approves 2nd Annual Go Go Appreciation Day

According to our accountant...  everyday is Go Go Appreciation day but HAY we're always happy to see some extra tail. We think Lana Del Rey should shoot the video for her new song "GoGo Dancer" in WeHo.. We're pretty much the GoGo capitol of America... so why not LANA? 

We've already been playing this song on repeat for the last 72 hours - #cocaine #dollarbills #getmoney



  1. Celebrat with a job fair

  2. who is the fat middle aged gogo to the right? time to retire... hunty...

  3. @6:47: LOL. That was hilarious. Though, he really isn't fat. Looks like the WeHo boys love their el pollo loco. What's happening in that pic? Is someone showing the churro stick?

  4. @8:52: That dude is bloated. What are you looking at?


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