20,457 Pairs Of Fake Christian Louboutins Seized At LAX

Someone call Bobby Trendy and get to the "bottom" of this! Apparently 20,457 pairs of fake Christian Louboutin shoes were seized today at Los Angeles International airport! The shipment came from China (of course) with hopes of raking in a street profit of $18 million dollars! This is the most fabulous thing we've seen in a long time! If the shipment made it through customs, Candis Cayne might have been able to afford some new shoes!

Customs and Boarder Protection officals release this statement saying, "Often available on illegitimate websites and underground outlets, counterfeit high fashion commodities multiply the illegal profits of smugglers and traffickers," the agency said. "The public is misguided into believing they are buying an original product at a significant discount."

We have a feeling Justin Milian was on a wait list for some of these sites!



  1. lol they called Candis out! that broke back bitch

  2. Thank God that clown faced Justin moved away! At least I hope he did and isn't in rehab about to appear with his fake designer clothes and his bad hairline!

  3. Gurl, Ms. Trendy probably ordered them and was gonna sell them at FULL price!

  4. What happined to Candis and her finansis

  5. What happened after Candis and Andrew Gruver faked setting up that bar on the fake reality show? Neither of them have any money or jobs.

  6. what about the moroccan restaurant on sunset???? details please!

  7. @Willam is going to be PISSED!


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