Winner of RuPaul's Drag Race Regrets NOH8 Photo

I've had many photos i am a ashamed of, this is one I hate. Although I never payed the $40 other people had to pay...I wish I could pay for it to go away. I succumbed to a lemming mentality without thinking.


Rip the tape off your mouths and shout!! My heart is so full of thanx to the first queens who fought back. Duct tape is for tucking, not to silence our voices. " Sutan Amrull aka RAJA

And HONAY let's not forget their shady financial details!


  1. It is/was a stupid fucking campaign anyway, with a retarded concept. Bouska is shady.

  2. Bouska may be shady, but shady comes in degrees.

    The gold standard for shady in WeHo is coke-addled slut Xander Tirago and his pathetic friends, like "real estate" agent Tyler Giles. 50 year-old wannabe-socialite queens fucking other dudes' boyfriends and acting like 19-year old twinks. Pathetic!

  3. As much of a jackass that Xander may be... what the fuck does that have to do with this subject? The first chance you get to bash people, you have to jump right at it? Fucking low life.

  4. who knows how hung Sunan/Raja is?

  5. Anyone who takes a NoH8 photo is stuck in the 90's

  6. His older man freind that he has Homosex for $60 a pop or poop as the scat scene has ben so prevelent in his life as of late.. gave him the gift that kept giving then did a much uneeded add-on of gifting by Toping it all off with the ever so succulent case of the Anal Warts!

  7. I don't know where to start. On the one hand, this guy is right in that these NOH8 photos are strictly for gay lemmings desperate to be part of a shiny Hollywood queer clique. Any initial sincerity behind the campaign was lost years ago. However, on the other hand? This guy is also so crazy dumb that the concept behind it has totally gone over his head. (It's a silent protest, hence the duct tape, you nimrod; it also symbolizes how the Right Wing may constrain us and yet we still fight back.)


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