Who Says they only Love You When Your Seventeen?

We just counted at least 3 generations of ducklings
Madeo Restaurant!

Steven Roberts, X-Men Director Bryan Singer, Sir Ian & Gary Goddard

xo xo


  1. steven is gorgeous

  2. lol there is only ONE talented person in this picture. It surely isnt the gay 20y/o boy with the hooker girlfriend. Or the 30000 y/o Director with the hookerssss.
    Or the (soul) sucking ginger on the right.

  3. Eew, Fucking Gary Goddard! Bryan Singer!
    Such creeps.

    You know they both go around the globe to go to places where you can fuck boys as young as 13!!!!

  4. yeahhhhh another white guy!!!! woot woot! i mean i know LA is really diverse but lets face it only white guys are attractive and in gay world if you're white u can pratically get whatever u want! white men= beautiful and everyone else is ugly, or atleast thats how it is in gay world ! (i.e. the way it should be!!)


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