Where 2 Be Gay Wednesday 7/18/12

Wednesdays are officially cock night in WeHo which means all of the bottoms come out in hopes of playing.

We highly suggest you check out Cocked & Loaded @ Revolver tonight!

The Stripper Circus @ Here Lounge is always a hustle/bustle - open bar until 11pm w/$5 cover charge!!

Don't forget Micky's.. definitely the longest running Wednesday night stripfest in town!

xo xo


  1. Micky's is gross and dirty
    Here Lounge is just plain tired.

    Looks like ill be packed into Revolver again tonight.

  2. What a way to advertise your promotion by putting down other bars... SAD!

  3. I heard chris miller won;t write anymore checks to revolver aftet he found out the other owner, alfredo owes the state 500k in back taxes from all his other failed restauarants..Another one about to bite the dust...Long live Mickeys

  4. stay home queens... its a fucking weds night


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