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  1. that was terrifying!

  2. This creeped me the fuck out condragulations.

  3. O M Gizzle! She's having a Kiki!

  4. Potential Avoidance MarchJuly 4, 2012 at 11:25 AM

    Hi, can we talk more about Logan and his trysts at Fiesta please? Thats more entertaining then this. It would be nice to see if any one has come out about recieving any STD's from Logan . Do we need to do an Avoidance march again as we did for Keith and Jay Juan a few months back after it was dicovered those queens were tricking for some dancepartys tickets? We marched from there apartmints to the clubs with signs and banners an dloud speakers...is it time for another Avoidance March?

  5. I would have to say its time for another Avoidance March per Sammy.

  6. What's with the Disabled post???

  7. Did Logan Start crying about being caught having sex at work in the bathroom again? I did it with him!! And I dont care- Next!

  8. At this time I do believe that we should do an anal warts check on Logan as anal warts have ben running rampant in this town ecspcially if there are bathroom Trysts going on that have ben exposed. We do need to do an anal warts check- has any one or group of people that have had sex with him in the last two weeks done or notice any anal warts? Has the smell of his genitals cleared up? A few months ago we did get a report about stagnent genitals that had an unsavory scent that may have been cause by liver bile excrement. Can any one out there comment on the scents they have experinced in the genitals areas of his? And has there ben any anal scents that one may have found to be disturbing? Please comment below and educate us -as we are pre paring for a potentical Avoidnace March.

  9. his genital areas smelled like chitos. also a faint scent resembling the chili cheese burger from hamburger habit. hold the fries.

  10. We need to know about the anal warts on Logan

  11. Good time to check after last fridays bathroom session-would be nice to know if any one notice when he bent over what was happeing down there!

  12. Well he is a pass around bottom so lets see what will come out in the comment section on his anal area

  13. I remeber his penis did not smell so good so I did not suck on it.

  14. Now is Logan 's roomate still JJ bohak? I remeber when JJ thought he was dating Logan- all of fiestsa was in histerics to even think Logan would have sex with just him.

  15. Hey Lucas and Stephen. How about some good old fashioned investigative journalism? You two need to find out who the freak is that comments every post with nonsensical, pointless rubbish about anal warts, condims (sic), manny's saffron teeth and all the rest of it. Prove that you can actually get to the bottom of something for once.

  16. Are you really surprised at the anal wart posts? Weho Confidential is the anal wart of gay blogs.

  17. Re: 10:40
    No you are wrong. WE need to prevent the spread of anal warts, std's from these whore. You probably have full blown AIDS and dont't care so please go on a Tcell binge and kill yourself. Im a young gorgeous queen who drives a BMW and would like to continue to know who has anal warts, who can't pay thier rent and who has bad teeth

  18. Comment at 9:37 You are def. right it is good to keep everyone aware of who is bringing the Std's to the table. Most people know that these bartender,waiters an d such are just old whores and pornstars any hoo

  19. Anal warts check up time!July 6, 2012 at 1:00 AM

    It would be good for us folks to know who is passing warts around.
    Now did yall see how Manny posted " Im busy today with things and helping the world solve its problems"
    Can you believe that some cd playing thought she and her jagged like a pill saffrons could save the world?! Any ways I'm glad Al Rantel commented "how are you going to do that? Cure cancer? World Poverty?"
    I'm glad that queen spoke up!!
    Manny why don't you focus on paying your $350 in rent for that couch you sleep on!
    Speaking of which -When I was over there last and saw him get up - I Iswear the roach ran rampant like it was the Break of Dawn and I swear they were riding dune buggys cause the couch was so dusty any who! I heard he is NOT welcomed in the Heaven lounge cause his breath smelled more like HELL! then Heaven ! Also I heard last week when he passed gas it was like Hiroshima all over again!!
    does any one care that Plastic Marter is shaking her unwashed lil asshol at the Sinister club Sat night? What about Mama Moo MOO- she having her lil Snow White party at the Santa Ana park! Honey I'm having my own SNOW WHITE party right here up my Nostrils!
    What about King Queen is that thing still gasping for air?
    Its been Real slow on the shoplifting for front but I'll give you a glimpse on what I stole and what it sold for at Crossroads!
    A. Christian 1 Toms shoes, jack spade bag,2 shorts-$47 at crossrd
    Sean on Palm 2 scarves,1 jacket ,1 pant $38 at crossroads
    LASC 1 porche sunglass,diesel shoe,1 jacket $78 at crossroads
    Block Party 3 shorts,two necklaces,5 tops $52 at crossroads
    It was too slow in the shop lifting araena..these stores havnt gotten any new crap worth stealing any ways...
    No whats alll the giberish about Eleven opening or closing or what?
    What happined to pho citi? Oh I will tell you ! They had a C rating then the health people came in and them asians , and you know no ones quicker then asians, they moved out the next day. I could see why Angelina Jolie adopted from China- they deliver! The vietnamese sure don't! You come here you come now!! Bu them chinese people will deliver any thing any one any where! Let's see what else is on my mind today...oh whats this about Fransisco Camargo not working at the um factory any more? Any one got some juice about that? What about the alcohol police raiding the Factory? I herd they took or should I say CONFINSCATED all the liqur to Test to see if it grey goose in them bottles or have you folks been drinking POPOV and paying for grey goose but didn't know it! Cherry pop is gone... I guest that cherry got poped finally! Oh gosh I totally forgot about Woody's beautyfull set of teeth! Does any one out there have any news on them Knarly lil things?! I think he should just sell them as Guitar Pics what do you all think! He looks like a damn idiot in all his pic- like he is constipated!! But then again Im not ready for that Jaws rendition of a smile!! Oh and did you all SEE on his Facebook that he said he was going to be on TV? Child, the ONLY time he will be on Tv is The NEWS for scaring kids with them jagged pill teeth of his ! I can see it now "jaws come to like in WEHO scares kids!"
    Again thats the ONLY time he will be on TV.
    Did yall laugh enuf when he and them old bartenders did there renditions of that sone "call me maybe'?
    I will TELL YOU right now after seeing that video what he should do is MAYBE CALL A DENTIST!
    I swear these queens will do anything to get noticed.
    How about paying your rent on time!!

    ontineued on next comment I was onlyallowed 4096 chraters so please read next comment

  20. anal warts check up time continuedJuly 6, 2012 at 1:01 AM

    Mostt of these idiots are just the focus of collection departments,credit suiters and security at mall shops!
    They all love to be focused on!!!
    Arnt' yall sick of these queens who post shirtless picks of them selves with thier old ass appple I phones on face book?
    I swear the only reason why they do that is that they KNOW there T Cell count i sdwindling away and they were to high on rystal to make it to the AHF on Lacienega the day before for there meds!!
    I swear these queens Crack me up!
    Now...any one else get fired this week any where? Any store closings?
    evcitions on Larabee? How about anyone on Palm any evictions there?
    Any waz....

  21. How many people does Logan have sex with in a month? I can count 7 during the month of June. I'm beginning to think he may be the one spreading STDs around our community. Just a theory. I doubt we'll ever know. He can't tell the truth even when there would be a gun or a disease ridden dick pointed at his zit filled face.


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