We Feel Used: Target Ads Target Gay Wedding Registries

 We can not even get married & with no thanks to these a$$holes!



  1. i don't understand how this ad is a bad thing....ads like this help normalize homosexuality. They help remind people from middle america who may not know any gay people that gay people actually exist. I think this is great.

  2. Completely agree with the above. This post clearly epitomizes why you clearly have no anchor or sense of direction in writing anything on this blog. You criticize those who lambast homosexuality, and then turn around and ridicule the ones who celebrate it.

    Target is challenging the heteronormativity of our culture in producing this ad, which is courageous in its own right given the sharp attacks on those companies who have preceded it. Instead of seeing this as exploitative (which, by the way, is any advertisement that targets a demographic), recognize the power of what they're doing in making an ad like this feel normal.

    Judging by the content on the rest of your blog, I'm sure you won't understand any of this. So let me finish by saying - gurrrrrrl, I heard you got anal warts from Bryan Singer who had sex with Manny Patel minus the condim, PS Simon and Xander have AIDS and no friends, werrrrrrrrrrk.

  3. you two morons - target donates money to anti gay charities and then uses ads like this to get our money. fucktards.

  4. actually if you read up on the issue, it was a) politicians not charities and b) an oversight that was completely blown out of proportion. they've been pretty pro-gay since, especially with their employee policies (i'm gay and worked there). so, your the fucktard, fucktard.

  5. i'm a single issue voter who doesn't bother to keep up on the only issue i care about lolololllllllllllllllllllllllllll


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