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Andrew Christian

Very busy week in court:

 Not Sorry for the delays.. however to make it up to you we'll be posting our annual 
Top 10 Most Annoying people on Facebook 
very soon!

quack quack!


PS -
Apparently EBT cards are not an acceptable forms of payment in a court law.


  1. i vote for this person... tries so hard to be funny... so not funny


  2. HA! Not nearly as annoying as these guys!

    Rusty Domhoff
    Anthony Fagiano

  3. YES ^^

    I totally second anthony "mini monkey" fagiano and all his anti-Obama shit. so annoying.

  4. and lanny leyda with his sticky fingers

  5. B Nolan example... yes hes annoying but a lot of lonely women encourage him

    Gay parents who are having a daughter that they want to name 'Madonna' risk either being labeled 'too gay' or just sacrilegious. Which is why if I have kids I'm naming them Britney or Brain Nolan Jr. Yeah, that's right--'Brain,' as a tribute to what will sure be his unique intelligence and a throwback to how everyone likes to spell his Daddy's name out of their own stupidity. And if Britney doesn't work, I'm going with Shaniqua, another good traditional gay name. Hayy.

  6. mini monkey hatersJuly 6, 2012 at 9:34 PM

    anthony fag is useless human waste who moved BACK to weho to work at Stripper Circus? Please kill yourself as you have threatened to so many times or at very least move back in with your parents who pay all your bills despite your constant shit talking about them. Truly the worst.

  7. Vote for that annoying fake kid Angel Bonilla


  8. Woody Woodbeck and all his obnoxious arrogance, which is unbecoming for someone with such beautiful teeth.

  9. Fred and Jason have to make the list. They came on to me (together) at one of their "parties," and then started stalking me on FB. I gave in and accepted their friend request and now see the photos of their herd of middle aged, open relationship friends acting like fools. Both are like 50 and not attractive. They are very scary dinosaurs, and annoying on FB.

  10. David Robert and his constant shirtless mirror pics... He's looked the same for years yet he constantly displays his vanity and narcissism with almost daily shirtless pics in the mirror. I never thought a 6 pack could get so annoying so fast.... that mirror is his best friend....

  11. Brian Pendleton and Chad Goldman....two more with there nasty pool parties and questionable income. Just like there friends Fred and Jason the scary dinosaurs.

  12. Another way you can make it up to us is to proofread your fucking grammar.

  13. Did lanny go to court? is she in jail?

  14. What did Lanny ever do to any one?

  15. Lanny Leyda stole from the door at here lounge, why do you think Paul fired him?

  16. is she in jail? wheres pauls money? wheres josh beasley spray tan and wheres manny patels rent...and anal warts

  17. Stay on point people. Jesus, some of you have ADD.

  18. Yes, Brian Nolan please... and he looks like an alien

  19. on point Lanny Leyda Annoying person, imagine if you had to be in her cell too


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