Support Term Limits in WeHo - Just Sign the Petition Boo!

You're going to start seeing petitioners who will be asking for your signature so that we as citizens can vote on term limits in the next election. Some of our council members have been on council since Reagen was in office & it's time to begin taking those seats back! If the proposed law actually passes all counracil members will have the ability to serve an additional 12 years since we can't work retroactively.

The council could easily put this on the ballot themselves but apparently they're all planning to stick it out past the year 2025. It's really sad that they won't even give us citizens a choice on term limits & that instead we have to resort to collecting signatures. For example John Heilman became  a council member in 1984 (when Reagan was President) & if we pass term limits he still has the opportunity to serve until... 2025!! Apparently 40 years on council just ain't enough!? #sad

When you see these petitioners please take a minute to give them your signature & hopefully we'll finally see this issue on the ballot in March 2013!

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  1. it'll only count if yur a weho resident tho


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