Spotted: Local MoMo Daniel Arias & Lady Gaga

"Lady Gaga in my grocery store parking lot just south of Pico. I'm officially a Monster."

xo xo


  1. OMG, her nails! Love it~

  2. why was she south of Pico ??? so ghetto

  3. love daniel!!! so cute and sweet

  4. His butthole reminds me of an olive as it protrudes like an outward bellybutton and it cid tastes like prune juice on a cold summer night. His penis is long and flaccid like an empty hose. His bicepts are like fluffy meat pillows & his pubic hair is just enough to burry my nose in it and take a deep breath of head & shoulders. I miss our nights together in that compton adjacent room you share with two other people you once had sex with. Good night!

  5. uhh maybe daniel *was sweet and cute as in, past tense, until he moved in with those con artist users who turn lying, deception and thievery into performance art

  6. Hhaha only one himself could say such a comment about thievery and deception


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