Spotted: California YesterGay & Perez Hilton

Aww man who doesn't love these two local momos ?

 David Rae (left) & Perez



  1. David has done so much for the gay community. He's raised tons of money for APLA through the AIDS ride. It's a shame he's so ugly on the inside. His comments about fat people make him so unattractive. And he's getting a little old for his own shtick. Walk up with a famous person and he's your new best friend.

    And Perez... evil... but sadly, not looking hideous.

  2. MinusTheCondimNation..July 30, 2012 at 9:23 PM


    wow. hear, hear!! this is what we need to hear! and before u say it, village idiots, it is NOT "bullying" when it is the TRUTH and hypocrites are being called out. Please, call out a "true" hypocrite when he presents himself. the demon is a liar. the antiChrist is a liar. most who appear on weHoconfidential are liars.

  3. does David Rae have AIDS?

  4. the LA Gay & Lesbian Center is the beneficiary of AIDS/LifeCycle, not APLA. And David and the rest of Team Popular are amazing. As usual with this site, the people that talk shit about others don't even know them.

  5. Perez is nothing lives in an apt park labrea like everyone else

  6. ^^^who Gives a Frog's Fat Ass?!July 30, 2012 at 10:06 PM

    ..who the beneficiary is/was etc? the comminter was trying to conduct himself with proper WeHo etiquit and pay a backhanded compliment before dishing the dirt, duh! just bc it's LAGALC and not APLA doesnt mean that David Rae likes fat people! lol.

    and in answer to the original question, i sure as fuck don't like either of them. no matter how much weight Perez loses, he will still look like a dead bulldog with an underbite.

  7. 10:06 please shut the fuck up.

  8. Mario is massively hung. Just sayin'.

  9. Yeah, he's hung like a budgie......


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