President of Chipotle Mexican Grill responds to Chic-Fil-A Bigots

"What goes into your butthole is your business, all we care about is making sure CHIPOTLE is what comes out of it" 


xo xo


  1. It's spelled Chick-Fil-A. Stick to cutting and pasting.

  2. HAHA! Very Clever. Publicity stunt or not, Props to Chipotle!

  3. Minus the condim it will go n an dOUT of my assshol along with un known peoples come babay minus the condim minus the condim!

  4. Way to keep it classy, Rodrigo.

  5. It's not a real quote. Rodrigo is not a real person. It was part of a whole list of fast food restaurants and completely made up. Morons.


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